Cempoalxuchitl Tagetes Erecta

Sandy Rodriguez

from the Codex Rodriguez Mondragon
2017, hand-processed dyes and watercolor from native plants, organic colorants and earth pigments on amate paper, 15.3x 22.8 in.
Collection of Ellen Hoobler

"Cempoalxuchitl / Marigold / Tagetes erecta is the iconic flower of the dead and stands in for Mexicanidad. This pungent flower is a noted ceremonial, medicinal and utilitarian plant whose fragrance guides the souls of the dead to rejoin the land of the living during the days of the dead. This folio is one of the first of the series, Codex Rodriguez-Mondragon and includes a Calavera Copter painted in walnut ink on a sacred ceremonial outlaw paper. "

Sandy Rodriguez