Borderlands No. 2 They Almost Got Me

Sandy Rodriguez

(Pajarita Wilderness)
2019. Hand-processed watercolor on amate paper, 31.5 x 47 in.
Collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody

"This is the first in the Borderlands landscapes created as part of the Codex Rodriguez-Mondragon series for the exhibit “You Will Not Be Forgotten,” earlier this year. The text at the bottom reads: Week 2 field study 2019 Arizona. Border Enforcement vehicles almost slammed into my rental around 3 am while I was sleeping in the back. I heard multiple vehicles drive right up to my driver’s side and woke to headlights in a cloud of dust. I freaked and envisioned getting pulled from the car by my and activated the car alarm while staring into the headlights. Just as Tellur responded to my text, the SUVs pulled out. Pajarita Wilderness off the Ruby Road - April"

Sandy Rodriguez