March, Health Insurance Bill


2020, 11 x 8.5 in. (27.9 x 21.6 cm), colored pencil on the artist's health insurance bill

"With multi-colored pencils, I touch every part of my monthly health insurance bill. It's about touching the paper with all colors at the same time. Through this action, I place all emotions and all lines and forms on the paper. Mondrian once said that the first goal in a painting should be a 'whole universal expression' and the second, a 'concrete expression.' With the use of more colors at the same time, I try to meet these conditions. Like Mondrian, I do not refer in any way to form or to nature, which would represent a false reality. I believe we are living in a new Zero period. The neutral color in my latest drawing is in its place.”

Wieteke Heldens,