Concrete Crockery


2016, tableware imbedded into concrete cylinders, 5”-12” high.

Designed for an interactive woodland foraging installation that cultivates a connection between food, place and community. The porcelain crockery imbedded in the concrete can hold food, and due to their weight, requires people to gather around them, rather than be passed from person to person.

"Of the five senses, touch is the only sense that necessitates physical proximity to experience it. The other four senses can be stimulated from a distance. For example, one can see birds fly overhead and smell spring blossoms carried by the wind, whereas touch requires a physical closeness that is limited these days. The pandemic has reminded us of our humanity. Rather than social distancing, what we need most is social solidarity. I’m grateful that art opportunities continue on, in new ways and on new platforms that keep us connected.

My work has a haptic quality. The pieces invite you to slow down and be present by encouraging participants to hold, interact and experience the work through touch. My hope is that my work continues to cultivate culture, and in small ways, re-weave the fabric of our interdependence and social bonds."

Ruth Borgenicht,