Johnny and Charles

Wendy Ewald

1982, printed in 1998 gelatin silver print, 13 3/4 x 17 3/4 (34.93 x 45.09 cm) image
16 x 20 in (40.64 x 50.80 cm) paper

"From St. Augustine to Wordsworth to contemporary psychologists, thinkers have pondered the complex and seemingly uninhibited world of children. To ask the children themselves to participate in exploring their world is to acknowledge that it is their experience, and that rather than being made to “mind their place,” children might be helped to find ways of illuminating and sharing their inner lives.

Teaching for me is a political act – if politics addresses the power or powerlessness of people in their everyday lives. I want people to understand the powers that use them and the powers they use – whether it be the power of a government or a parent or a religion. Sometimes I think I disguise myself as a teacher in order to make the pictures I need to see."

— Wendy Ewald

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$5,500 through Stephen Bulger Gallery.