Elan Cadiz

2020, pen, pencil, acrylic, and flashe paint on Shizen Pastel Paper
12 x 9 in. (30.5 x 22.9 cm)

"Scaffold: Equity of Treatment is about the encouragement of self-reflection and preservation and how these very important practices need to be supported by equitable treatment in our homes, communities, and world. The use of the scaffolding is to symbolize the individual care and support we all need. My goal is to encourage discussions on self-reflection, self-love, and practice in deciphering what we need as individuals and ways our systems of support can better meet these needs.

I see the scaffold project as a kind of visual spiritual alchemy that challenges the viewer and subject to see themselves as a universally whole being made up of a formula of experience and understanding. With the use of the scaffold as a form of protection and support, it's there to encourage the relationship between consciousness and matter within the self. When we know ourselves we can better ask what we need of the world which can bring satisfaction and
harmony to ourselves and others.

Nina Klyvert-Lawson, a dance educator, and performing arts manager is the founder and artistic director of Project Performing Arts, located at the Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Center in Harlem. An Emerson College graduate, she holds a BA in Theater Education, specializing in Dance, and a MA in Dance Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I forgot how we met but I remember Nina reached out to me to facilitate an art workshop for her dance students. I must admit I was a bit nervous because I figured dance students may be fidgety and may not want to make art, but by the end of the workshop her beautiful students and I were listening to classical music and making collages inspired by African masks. It was perfect.

Thank you Nina for participating and supporting the arts in Harlem! Check them out!!! "

— Elan Cadiz