Los Angeles Becoming Mexico City Becoming Los Angeles


1993, watercolor, collage and lithography on paper, 22 x 87 in (55.9 x 221 cm).

"While installing my subway piece in Los Angeles during the fall of 1993, I was conscious of the racial tension and visible damage from the recent riots and earthquakes. Returning to New York, the airplane flew low; it was night, and every city in America was lit like a flickering string of pearls. You could clearly “read” their plans. I blackened Los Angeles, as if it were smoldering, leaving only the radiant lines of roads and freeways. I painted pre-Columbian patterns in an ocher and umber crazy quilt onto the various zones of Mexico City and then chopped up and interspersed the two maps, so neither city was recognizable."

Joyce Kozloff, http://www.joycekozloff.net/