Mobile Speakers’ Podium for Citizens and Noncitizens: Chicago to Gary Walk 2018


Durational performance, 3 Days, 42 Miles, to raise awareness about resistance to the Gary Airport Deportation Hub. Collaboration with Regin Igloria.

2018, archival pigment print, 21 x 14 in. (53.3 x 35.6 cm), edition of 4

In this ongoing project, suburban house collides with prison fence to invoke the needed voices and ever-presence of the incarcerated among the free in a country that locks up 2 million people. The structure is activated with walking, talking, and programming of performers, speakers. The structure is inspired by the successful collaboration of immigrants and citizens to stop the for-profit prison from being built in Crete, IL. See documentation at

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$1,800 (mounted and framed); $1,000 (print only)