Printed Oxidation on Fiber Relief II

Yasue Maetake

2015, steel rust on boiled and beaten abaca bark, cotton linter, W: 23 in x L: 64 in

"I attempt to understand different mediums’ properties, break them down, and then reconstitute them through casting, welding, burning, oxidization, or exposure to chemicals using my instincts and intuition. Un-preconceived might best describe how I fuse together such disparate items as animal bones and plastic resin along welded pipes and joints, or handmade papers that have been exposed to steel oxidation producing animated hues of shocking orange. Final techniques such as scraping or grinding away an object’s surface reflect my interest in re-purposing materials and resetting their identities, creating a life cycle that becomes a metaphor for resuscitating histories into new formations. "

– Yasue Maetake
IG: @yasuemaetake